A world free of Podoconiosis within our lifetime


Shoe Making

Protecting the feet from the soil is the most important method of preventing mossy foot, and is crucial in its treatment, so it’s the perfect project for those suffering from Podo: rehabilitation and prevention in one.

Shoes are made by workshops within the affected areas. Not only does this mean that they can be custom made for sufferers, but also there are important social benefits.

We are also looking forward to working with the american shoe manufacturer Tom’s Shoes, which is already doing great work combating Mossy Foot.
Hair Dressing

Hairdressing is another occupation that takes people away from direct contact with the soil. It is relatively inexpensive to train a hairdresser and set them up in business, and, partly due to the inherent social contact in its practice, has proved very successful in rehabilitating sufferers.



Money is made available to start businesses that allow people to stop barefoot farming and earn a living independently. These loans are carefully structured and monitored to foster the growing businesses, which can respond remarkably to what might seem a very small capital injection.