A world free of Podoconiosis within our lifetime


Podoconiosis is very little known outside the communities that suffer from it. Mossy Foot UK believes that raising the profile of the condition is a very effective means of getting more support to combat it. To this end a programme of relatively low key, informative events has been undertaken, which so far includes visits to:

  • Rotary Inner Circle
  • Church Groups
  • The Women’s Institute
  • The Anglo Ethiopian Society[Report]

Work supported by Mossy Foot UK often results indirectly in useful scientific publication that furthers understanding and treatment of the disease, as well as widening awareness of the problem in the scientific community. The image is of the front page of the most prestigious UK dermatology journal featuring podoconiosis, and one of our articles was published in this issue.


Podoconiosis (MossyFoot) is now included in the World Health Organisation list of Neglected Tropical Diseases.

Mossy Foot UK is a partner to Footwork – the International Podoconiosis Initiative  www.podo.org. Claire is a longstanding member of their technical committee. We share the goal of the eradication of podoconiosis within our lifetime.