A world free of Podoconiosis within our lifetime



Graeme works as corporate lawyer for a highly regarded multinational business, and brings his legal and administrative expertise to Mossy Foot. As treasurer, he is responsible for ensuring that the charity is run as efficiently as possible, with the maximum funding reaching the patients.


Claire is a consultant dermatologist who has developed a research interest in tropical dermatology and dermatology care in resource poor settings of the world. She chairs the International Foundation for Dermatology and is on the board of the International League of Dermatological Societies. (www.ilds.org)

She is involved in several charitable initiatives in resource poor areas of the world. In 2002 she visited the Mossy Foot treatment centre in Sodo Ethiopia as a small grants evaluator for the British Embassy in Addis.

She was so struck by the set-up, and encouraged by the initiative and drive of the local team who had established such a cost-effective model, that she decided to get more involved.

She continues to collaborate with research programmes trying to understand the disease better.

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